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YK Group’s mission is to mitigate YOUR risks and to protect YOUR bottom line.

Construction and development is an immensely logistic-heavy process. That means that there are a host of potential issues that can both delay and make your project far less feasible or lucrative than it should be. 

From strategic planning, due diligence and project feasibility studies, to regulatory approvals and construction management, we provide you with the reassurance and guidance to enable you to confidently approach a development project and maximize your returns.


due diligence

Your odds of successfully running a real estate operation depends on a careful analysis of the entire project scope before a purchase is even made. Real estate is an intensely multi-faceted operation, and without identifying potential pitfalls ahead of time, you can count on problems, expenses, and delays at every interval. YK Group does a holistic dive into the minutiae of your project with the goals of identifying costs, obstacles, and creative solutions to ensure your investment will, in fact, succeed to its fullest potential.

Project Management

Logistics. Timelines. Budgets. Hiring. Firing. You’ve established that a project is financially viable and it launches. However, you are now at the mercy of contractors, workers, weather, and good old-fashioned karma. Dealing with the logistics of managing a worksite, while essential for a successful, profitable operation, is at the same time energy-draining, time-consuming and can ultimately mean the difference between profitability (success) and loss. YK Group relieves you of this burden so you can focus your time and energy on making more deals.

Asset Management

Due diligence and management does not end with the completion of a project. Managing your property efficiently and profitably is a multi-faceted skill that can define the difference between being merely viable or even failing vs being fantastically profitable. YK Group reviews the entire spectrum of operational procedures and efficiency protocols so that your expenditures can be reduced to the lowest possible minimums, thereby curbing your risk exposure and identifying the highest avenues of revenue, ensuring that you employ the most cost-effective management practices.


YK Group’s underwriting philosophy is to determine whether an investment is financially sound and if it is a solid match for the specific investor, given his strengths and risk tolerance. Our underwriting is based on a careful assessment of the marketability of the property and justification of its value by clearly documenting the projected budget and rents, timeline and carrying costs, as well as financing and equity rates. This process provides valuable feedback to both the owner and syndicators and provides all principals with a high level of confidence in the success of their venture.

Owners Rep

YK Group goes beyond simply consulting. We don’t just tell you what to do and how to run your business. Once we have identified proper vendors and procedures, we place boots on the ground to fulfill our recommendations. We represent you and your interests, ensuring that your project proceeds on time, and on budget. We meet with all relevant parties, from contractors to lawyers, and from architects to inspectors on your behalf so that your objectives are best realized - further ensuring your success.

Planning Approvals

One of the biggest obstacles to your goals are local bureaucracies. The laws are complex, time-consuming and vary considerably from locality to locality and unless you are intimately familiar with local agencies, you will likely be met with resistance and will often be denied approvals or necessary variances. YK Group has the breadth of knowledge and experience from having successfully navigated countless municipalities. We take over the entire process from application plans submitted all the way to appeals and city council hearings to protect and defend your interests.

Offering memorandum

At the core of any successful deal is a healthy investment. A savvy investor will require a comprehensive OM that clearly lists objectives, risks, financials, and deal terms. Because we delve so deeply into your project with the due diligence, underwriting and hands-on involvement with your investment, YK Group is at a unique advantage to be able to put together a holistic and professional OM as part of our services - further ensuring you end up with the funding you deserve to complete your deal.

Government Relations

A single point of failure (SPOF) is a part of a system that, if fails, will stop the entire system from working. SPOFs are undesirable in any part of the real estate process, particularly in the development phase of a project. We believe the cornerstone to any good development is government relations so that the crucial permit process is expedited and executed to perfection. YK Group’s solid agency relationships successfully minimize stress for our clients and their vendors and dramatically improves our clients’ bottom line.

Knowledge & Experience

Julius Caesar once said: “Experience is the teacher of all things”.


At its core, YK Group’s unique value is in the breadth and depth of projects we have successfully navigated on behalf of virtually every type of real estate professional and in virtually every aspect of the real estate process. We are a talented, committed and creative team that has seen it all and consistently delivers results and delivers it well. We get through the “brick wall” and we get through it every time and we will get through it for you as well.

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