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about us

YK Group’s mission is to mitigate YOUR risks and to protect YOUR bottom line.

Construction and development is an immensely logistic-heavy process. That means that there are a host of potential issues that can both delay and make your project far less feasible or lucrative than it should be. 

From strategic planning, due diligence and project feasibility studies, to regulatory approvals and construction management, we provide you with the reassurance and guidance to enable you to confidently approach a development project and maximize your returns.


due diligence

Warren Buffet has said that the most important word in Business is  “No”. It is critical to be able to walk away from a project if the risk/reward analysis does not justify proceeding. Successful businessmen and investors can fall in love with a “deal” and brush aside concerns which arise. It is our mission at YK Group to provide a clear picture of all the positive and negative aspects of a real estate development project to be able to make a fully informed decision.


In acquiring land for development or buildings for redevelopment, two hurdles must be cleared:


Are regulatory approvals achievable?

Is the project economically feasible?

regulatory approvals

Every type of land development or building redevelopment must receive local Planning, Zoning and Wetland approvals. Every municipality has its own regulations and codes. Every parcel of land has its own unique site conditions. YK Group’s task is to assess the probability that approvals will be received and to advise our client not to proceed if we perceive the risks of not receiving approvals is too high.


If the client decides to proceed, we will advise on the selection of consultants needed to provide the regulators the information they require. We will review, coordinate, and manage the consultants work to successfully obtain all approvals needed.


Receiving approvals is not only a technical process as regulators are human beings and it is critical to know the best way to approach the town planner or a town board to get the desired result.

At YK Group, we have successfully navigated the approvals maze in municipalities ranging from rural villages to large cities and delivered our clients the approvals they needed to proceed with their projects.

project feasibility

Receiving approvals for a project that is not economically feasible is fool’s gold. Yet even a successful businessman may not have the knowledge to properly evaluate the potential environmental issues, site-work costs, costs of receiving approvals, or hard construction costs that a project will encounter. A mistake in one of these variables can doom a project before it has started.

At YK Group, we think like developers. The client tells us his goal for the development, and we work backwards to chart every task needed to achieve the desired result. Once the total picture is in place, we can cost each task and use our models to work with our client to make a knowledgeable decision.

construction management

In addition to our pre-construction services (approvals and feasibility), YK Group has assisted clients in construction management, particularly in environmental cleanups and renovation of existing buildings. We will obtain all permits and put together the subcontractors needed to complete a project on time and within budget.


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